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9002 Transcendent Miracles


Legacy PPV Transcendent Miracles: Exquisite Moments That Can Last Forever, Intensive ~ Los Angeles, July 2007

Product #9002

9002 Transcendent Miracles
45 Day Access

Price: $275.00


Transcendent Miracles: Exquisite Moments That Can Last Forever (Intensive)

Miracles are the subtle wisps and whispers … precious gifts and treasured moments … from God/Goddess/All That Is: the Divine at work and at play in your reality. Transcendent miracles are glimmers and shimmers … lifting you to remember a bit more of the god-being you have always been and opening you to reunite with the god-being you are becoming and will be once again. Quietly we invite you: Come. Let us share exquisite moments … moments that can last and last forever. ~Lazaris

Everyone wants miracles. Miracles change us at levels we can neither totally understand nor fully comprehend. They grow us in ways that we cannot clearly describe nor accurately define. Miracles change and grow our world — the world around us — as well.

Yes. We all want miracles. With miracles comes elegance, as we cultivate greater success with more happiness and joy, greater love with more intimacy and caring, and greater living with more richness and sparkle. With miracles comes beauty, as we catapult ourselves forward upon our spiritual path … upon our journey: Coming Home.

Many of us have worked with Lazaris learning how to make and to work miracles. We have added magical dimension and magnificent meaning to our lives. Our choices have become more potent and our achievements have flourished. We are ready to take the next step … a giant’s step. Transcendent Miracles await us.

Lazaris is always there for us. He has designed an incredible journey for each of us – for those new to making/working miracles and for those well-seasoned among us. We can find our personal missing ingredients so that miracles can more easily flow into our reality and into the world. We can discover for the first time or uncover anew our magical grace and our mystical presence for making and working miracles.

Along the way we will work magic upon the Mystic Mills to open an Eighth Portal. With Calling Magicians from the Realms of Other, we will work Confluence Magic. Then Lazaris along with our Unseen Friends will gather to lift us to a phenomenal place of Transcendent Miracles. And in a moment … oh, in an exquisite moment . . .

For all it will be a stunning opportunity to work magic like never before. Immersed in Lazaris’ magic and love, miracles can abound in our world and in the world surrounding us.

There are no words to describe what can happen in an exquisite moment. There is no way to define what we can do together working as one. Whatever it is, it can be miraculous.

As with all miracles, often there are no words. When there are words, they are often inadequate. So it is with these three days in July. Welcome to an incredible journey of magic … of magic and love.

Welcome …

Unlocking the Power and Beauty of Greater Understanding (Evening)

Understanding . . . it sounds so obvious, so easily understood, yet it is profoundly intricate and complex. And on the other side of its complexity there is untold mystery and magic, there is unspoken poignancy and power, and there is untouched elegance and beauty. — Lazaris

The vibrancy and the splendor of greater understanding lie within the recesses of a grander love with its voices of empathy and compassion. It is found within the lost folds of grander healing with its whispers of surrender and truth. The luster of greater understanding lies within the perception, perseverance, and wisdom of its power and beauty.

First we established a foundation of understanding seeded with the magic of compassion. With Lazaris as our guide, we can build upon and strengthen that foundation. Returning to that foundation, our compassion can blossom and flourish. We can move into the intricacy and the complexity of understanding and beyond; we can touch the untold and the unspoken; we can be touched by the elegance and beauty.

Through discussion, new technique, and meditation we can open to transforming beliefs and choices, embrace transcendent hope and vision, and we can unlock the power and the beauty of greater understand. We can begin to receive its bounty.

Welcome to another magical evening with Lazaris.

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