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9001 Mystical Infusions of Love


Legacy PPV Mystical Infusions of Love, Congress of Magicians ~ Orlando, January 2007

Product #9001

9001 Mystical Infusions of Love
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A Congress of Magicians: Mystical Infusions of Love

And in this place . . . a sacred place beyond the thresholds of your world . . . let us make magic together. Let us make love – mystical infusions of love – for you and for your world. ~ Lazaris

We hear the call; we respond. Throughout the Ages magicians have heard the call to gather at a sacred place – a place of enchanting love, of ineffable beauty, and of fascinating mystery – to work magic together: to work magic as one. Responding, each would set down the stuff of his/her daily life to do what magicians do: to work magic.

As the Year of Mattering gives way to the Year of Understanding it is time for a different kind of celebrating. Once again we hear the call. Once again we respond.

With Lazaris at our sides, we will come together to do what magicians do – we will come together to do what we do: to work magic, to heal and to celebrate. We will come together to make love – more love, greater love, and grander love – in our world.

Through well-designed mystical infusions of love, we can allow more of Love’s Magic – the magic of God/Goddess/All That Is – to work upon us, to change us, and to change our world.

In celebrating love we become more. Our commitment and resolve can become more solid and grounded. Our happiness and success can become more real and vibrant. Our lives can become richer with new dimensions of achievement and reward.

Lazaris has crafted an intimate weekend with us in mind and in heart … a different kind of weekend workshop to initiate this New Year – to set this New Year in motion. As with other Congress of Magicians events, these two days will not be about learning new techniques or about exploring new ideas. Instead we will focus on working the magic we know – on working the magic we might otherwise work alone – and upon doing that magic together with each other and together with Lazaris.

Welcome to this Congress of Magicians specifically designed for creating Infusions of Love within a sacred confluence of love and magic.

Welcome …

A Gathering of Magicians, Celebration: Awakening and Working Miracles

As with previous Gatherings of Magicians, Friday evening in Orlando and/or Los Angeles will not be the usual Evening with Lazaris. There will be no discussions or explorations of techniques; instead it will be an unusually poignant sacred time of celebration … of celebrating love through awakening and working miracles. This powerful, even profound, evening can stand alone and it stands as prelude to the Congress of Magicians with its focus upon making love through well-designed Infusions of Love.

We can bring our bounty and we can bask in the radiant resonance of this amazing evening of celebrating . . . of awakening and working miracles. Amid the magic, we can touch . . . we can be touched. We can change and be changed; we can heal and be healed.

Welcome. …

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