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8196 Strength-Balance-Healing


Legacy PPV Gathering of Magicians: Rediscovering Strength, Restoring Balance, Healing, One-Day ~ Santa Barbara, CA, January 2015

Product #8196

8196 Strength-Balance-Healing
45 Day Access

Price: $125.00


Remember the magic. As you stand ready to embark on a journey that always begins and never ends, remember the magic . . . Remember that you are not alone. Never again alone. ~ Lazaris

Cloaked in their Mantles of Magic, they each made their way beyond the bounds of their personal safety into the reverie of remembering. Guided by their Souls, each moved through a labyrinth into the depths of themselves, into the depths of their Soul. There, a door, a portal, that only they could open: The Sacred Hall of Whispers.

Entering, each masterful magician paused. Each loved enough to listen. Each listened to the whispers from deep within the heart, deep within the memory, of their Soul. And they remembered . . . their gifts, their powers, their strengths … they remembered.

The magic had begun, rediscovering, restoring, healing. A new journey had begun as well, a journey that always begins and never ends. Without saying anything, somewhere beyond words, each knew: "I am not alone; never again alone. I am coming home."

Come spend the day with Lazaris. Spend the day "just hanging out together" — you and Lazaris, just the two of you.

This unique, one-day workshop is alive with special moments that can be eternal, moments to work magic with Lazaris.

Together we begin the magic of remembering our strengths, not just by saying the familiar words or by sliding along the slippery surface, but by entering the reverie, mystery, and the magic of remembering what is beyond our memory, beyond what we do remember and beyond what we can remember.

The magic unfolds and is amplified with two incredible meditations: It’s Healing Time and Restoring Balance, and with two amazingly powerful rituals: The Sacred Hall of Whispers and Remembering the Promise: Coming Home.

Through the closeness, the intimacy, and the love, we can each feel Lazaris reaching out and touching us. Lazaris has said that with each change in our connection together, the intimacy can grow. That has been so, and it is so now. We can feel the growing intimacy and the expanding love. Our intimacy and our love, along with our magic, is also growing stronger and becoming more.

Come "just hang out together" with Lazaris for a day. Welcome.

The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.