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9367 Enchanting Magic in the Highlands


Enchanting Magic in the Highlands: Being Who You Are Becoming ~ Scotland, October 2022

Product #9367

9367 Enchanting Magic in the Highlands
46 Day Access

Price: $400.00


“You are ready to step out and beyond. You’re ready to create the new form of a New World, even during this phase of destruction. You are the Mapmaking Magicians.” ~ Lazaris

It is time now for a new freedom: freedom from the past of who we are not, freedom to live our dreams and become more than we can imagine or believe ourselves to be.

As working Mapmaking Magicians, we have freed ourselves from much of what has been ingrained, from much of what we used to “carry,” believing we needed it to survive. For the most part, we no longer define ourselves by the limits of our expectations and beliefs. We have become more than we imagined we could be.

Deep within the earth of Scotland – a land rich with standing stones, sacred portals, and ley lines – lies a crucial magic unlike any other, a gathering of energies and forces out of which emerges a wild, untamed resonance of the combination of freedom and independence – not fierce independence, but freedom and independence together. This wild, untamed magic is ready to rise again and be present. We can awaken and harness this powerful energy. We can use this resonance to be free and independent of our past.

Lazaris asks: Is there more that you can imagine and believe yourself to be?

Within what we can imagine and believe, there is still more we can be … more of who we are becoming. In this powerful and magical journey, Lazaris works with us to open the possibilities of who we can become, moving toward truly being who we are becoming, moving toward the unfathomable.

Woven through this beautiful journey of Magic Times, discussions, meditations, and a blending, Lazaris illuminates ways to navigate our world into a brilliant future … an unfathomable future that is beyond our belief and our imagination.

Welcome to a journey like no other as we stand upon our pinnacle and be who we are becoming.

Download a printable PDF version of the Session List for this event.

Note: Lazaris and Jach created a Talisman especially to work with the magic of this event, and you can purchase it here.

Production Credits:
Video Production – Eric Belluche
Sound Engineering – John Brinkman & Darren Nelsen
Video Editing – Eric Belluche
Graphic Design – Margie Deeb
Copy Edit – Alisonn Rose
Proofing/Testing – Alix Jamieson

Music Credits:
Let Me Hold You Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music For Lazaris 3
Comfort Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music For Lazaris 4
Sacred Silence Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music For Lazaris 8
Deep and Come Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 9
Transcendent Realms Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 11
Beyond Our World Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 13
Lost in a Dream and Garden of the Soul Dietrich Von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Music for Lazaris 14
Inocente and Seduction Alan Kaplan, Love Moods: Deep Passion

Photography Credits:

Special thanks to the following people who shared photographs to use in this special PPV event. Their generous contributions greatly enhance the beauty of this experience for us all to enjoy.

Alisonn Rose, Andrew Davies, Lena Sunblad, Annie Mather, Barbara Walker, Eric Belluche, Savy Kalivoda, and Shirley Belluche

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