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Utilizing the Beautiful Unknown: The Empowered Path


Utilizing the Beautiful Unknown: The Empowered Path

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The first beauty upon an empowered path within the Beautiful Unknown is that we can find the foundation and structure for our power and for our continual changing and growing. We can “make up” and “catch up” upon our metaphysical path and our spiritual journey. The second beauty is that we can discover a new fulcrum, a new support, for accelerating and changing and growing – and for uplifting our evolution.

During this enchanting discussion, Lazaris helps us understand what the Beautiful Unknown is and where we might find it. It is akin to so much that we already know; and it can offer us dignity, goodness, truth, and our sense of immortality.

Lazaris speaks of the Hero’s Journey and of the Magician’s Journey that can allow us to enter this august realm of the Unknown. In a delicate process, Lazaris shows us how to utilize what would stop us and what would impede us on such a journey. We also can discover what can allow us to suspend the stops and carry the impedance so that our path can truly be an empowered one. Lazaris offers clear, precise, and detailed steps to assure that our exploration is a beautiful and productive one. And upon our return? Lazaris is there to helps us discover what to do with all that we have garnered and gained. It is an exceptional evening.

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Meditation: Magician's Journey to the Beautiful Unknown

Keywords: beauty, unknown, mystery, evolution, impedance

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