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Crystal Adventures and More, Evening with Jach (video)


Crystal Adventures and More, Evening with Jach (video)

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Please note: This is the first time we recorded an Evening with Jach. As it unfolded we realized it would be great for a release, so we put this together from the test camera we had running.

In this wide-ranging, touching, profound and sometimes humorous Q& A Evening and Meditation with Jach, a group of magicians explored expanding magic with crystals as well as deepening encounters with Faerie friends, and the roots of terrorism found in loneliness. This event happened right after Jach’s 2015 trip to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, and his delight in the treasures he brought back expressed itself in a most animated show-and-tell.

Seven beautiful questions from magicians followed, and the range was spectacular. There were questions about positive and negative ego; about engaging Merlin and Faerie portals; the craft of the Magician’s way; and about how we can work magic to heal the terrorism that grips the world. A poignant question from an Arab woman about how to help other Arab women overcome an entrapping silence brought a brilliant response from Jach.

At the close of the evening, Jach guided everyone on a beautiful meditation. In it, there were two 33-second techniques: The first was dedicated to each individual magician’s magic for the world; in the second, fellow magicians and Unseen Friends flowed light together in a magnificent Confluence of Magic to help each of us individually create our desires.

This evening is a tapestry of light-heartedness and depth, love and wisdom, humor and compassion, profound knowledge and uplifting magic. Welcome.

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Meditation: Jach meditation

Keywords: Crystals, Jach, 33-second techniques, Merlin, Faerie

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