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The Valley of Forgiveness Meditation


The Valley of Forgiveness Meditation

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Amid all the mysteries, it is forgiveness that is the miracle of magic, of your magic. Forgiveness nurtures, nourishes, and heals. Forgiveness can be that amazing light showing you your way. ~ Lazaris

Forgiveness is a force and an energy that brings a certain ease and elegance into any process, and it can be a springboard for profound growth. Even as we are constantly moving toward greater levels of love, how well we can actually let that love in often depends on self-forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful first step in growth. It is also a process we must practice and put into action throughout our entire physical spiritual journey. As Lazaris has often said: Recognize. Acknowledge. Forgive. Change. This standalone meditation, focused on self-forgiveness, is uniquely powerful and can generate profound depths of change in our lives.

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