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Magic in the Telling: The Magic of the Enneagram (Part 2)


Magic in the Telling: The Magic of the Enneagram (Part 2)

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Through this exploration of the Enneagram, an Ancient Matrix, a living resonance, you can discover secrets of your soul, visions of your spirit, and somewhere in the mix, secrets are revealed, dreams and visions form, and an exquisite and fragile mystery – the mystery of you – unfolds. ~ Lazaris

The Enneagram is a perennially favorite subject. Oftentimes, in the midst of receiving help and healing from Lazaris at intensives or interludes, the question would come up . . . “Can you tell me what my personality drive is?” The reason is clear: the Enneagram is not only a fascinating subject, it is also an invaluable tool to help navigate our daily lives.

When we can better understand how the Enneagram functions, we can stop being blindly or instinctively pushed or led by our personality drive. Instead, we can harness and direct that drive and start driving our own lives with confidence and resolve.

This second collection of these beautifully vulnerable Magic Times are full of powerful maps and as always, overflowing with tenderness and love.

Download a free, desktop printer-friendly, color version of the Enneagram

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Price: $19.95

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