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The Sirius Connection, A Workbook — eBook version


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The Sirius Connection, A Workbook — eBook version

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The material for this book was taken from several major Lazaris seminars and constitutes a definitive explanation and set of tools for working with the program downloaded during the Grand Union of Sirius on April 23, 1994. This “download” gave humanity all of Light Information (and Information Light) to effect its evolution into a whole new kind of human being. Lazaris describes the birth of the universe with incomparably beautiful poetry and explores the nature of our Great Work as Map Makers and Magicians. What follows are a myriad of workbook exercises, meditations, and techniques for activating our newly downloaded program and taking our places as the midwives of a new reality, including: Optimal futures, The Light of Sirius Technique, the Double-Tetrahedron Technique, and working with Electromagnetic Energy.

Meditation: Self-Guided Meditations with Electromagnetic Energy; Temporal Lobes, Double-Tetrahedron

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Keywords: ebook, Sirius Connection, Vortex of the Goddess, April 23 - 1994, Grand Attractor, Grand Union of Sirius, Orbit of Neptune, Electromagnetic Energy, Double-Tetrahedron Technique, Light Techniques, Light of Sirius

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