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The Ways of the Ancients: Portals to the Future


The Ways of the Ancients: Portals to the Future

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This stunning exploration begins with a brief review of how we are conditioned to “do the best we can” with the future that eventually becomes our reality. For so many within the consensus of our world, from childhood to old age, the future is always out there. It seems to be always out there waiting to get us, waiting to beat us, and waiting to defeat us. We can break this conditioned pattern and we can live a rich life of presence in the present. As magicians, we can do so much more. With a positive relationship with the future – with a productive alliance with the future – we can not only find presence in the present, we can tap an incredibly powerful and profound resource for the working and growing of our magic. One way to open the portals to the future is to develop rapport and magic with our future self. Another way, the focus of this uplifting discussion, is to develop the ways of the Ancient Ones

Lazaris continues this magical exploration by talking of who the Ancient Ones are and of the Gifts and Counsels of the Ancient Ones. He then offers an insightful and revealing explanation of their nature: The Grace of the Ancients. By understanding and knowing who the Ancient Ones are and by understanding their gifts, their counsels, and their grace, we can awaken Ancient Ones and their ways in our world. We can awaken the Ancient One in us – the Ancient One we once were and will be again. This recording concludes as Lazaris offers several techniques for opening the portals to the future. Among them: The Gathering of Ancients, Oneness with the Ancients, Receiving the Counsel and Gifts of the Ancients, and Weeding & Seeding Futures in the Way of the Ancients. A powerful meditation is included.

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Meditation: The Gathering of Ancients

Keywords: Future; Gifts of the Ancients; Counsel of the Ancients; Ancient Ones; Alliance with the Future; portals, presence

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