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Shop : Spirituality and Divinity : Spiritual Journey : The Goddess Part II: Opening to the Initial Faces of the Goddess

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The Goddess Part II: Opening to the Initial Faces of the Goddess


The Goddess Part II: Opening to the Initial Faces of the Goddess

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Requisite: The Goddess Series, Part I: Preparing to Meeting the Goddess. After listening to The Goddess Series, Part I, we begin opening to theInitial Faces of the Goddess. We prepare with a special bathing and candle ritual, and then Lazaris takes us to a magical forest to meet the Old Woman.She asks us four important questions — and gives us an extraordinary gift. We move on through this tape to meet the Lady of the Lake (the Light Maiden), the Goddess of Knowledge (the Dark Maiden), and the Mother — the true Mother for whom we have searched in all the pathways of our growth. And then we meet again the Crone (the Old Woman), always the last and first face of the Goddess. A magnificent experience of feminine energy and the Goddess, this recording is for women — and also for men.

Instructions for recording A: Work with this recording as often as you feel is necessary until you intuitively feel that it is time to move to the second recording. Some general guidelines: 1) listen to this recording at least seven times and 2) don’t listen to it more than two times per week.

To prepare for listening: 1) bathe first in either tub or shower, 2) light two candles of any color, but do so safely just in case you fall asleep (if you are concerned you might fall asleep, light the candles briefly and extinguish before entering meditation), 3) place a small bowl of water between the candles.

Instructions for Recording B: Work with this recording only after completing Recording A. Listen no more than two times per week. Prepare similarly with bath or shower, candles and a bowl of water. Add three drops of oil (any oil) to the water when working with Recording B.

As desired, return to Recording A and repeat cycle.

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Keywords: goddess, coming home, receiving, feminine energy. faces of the goddess

Price: $29.95

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