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Standing Empowered with the Ancient Ones


Standing Empowered with the Ancient Ones

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Their grandeur is wrapped in mystery. They are the weavers who weave truth into knowing. They are the alchemists, exceptional and extraordinary. Wrapped in the tragic mystery of your time and in the wondrous mystery of yourself, you come in search of that grandeur and in pursuit of truths that can become knowing … living knowing, good, true, and beautiful … and of that magical alchemy that can change your world. You come to stand tall – to stand empowered – with the Ancient Ones. Welcome. ~ Lazaris

So begins a powerful exploration as Lazaris discusses the grandeur found in the Grace of the Ancients as well as Counsels and Gifts of the Ancients. Lazaris continues by unfolding the Story of the Ancients and the magic in the Presence of the Ancients. With this foundation in place, we are ready for the step-by-step process for not only sitting with but standing – standing empowered (enriched with our own authority and permission) with the Ancients.

This magical exploration continues with an enchanting meditation and a series of techniques: Standing Empowered; Alchemy of the Ancients; Weaving Truths & Dreams into Knowing; and Confluence Magic with the Ancients. It is a stunning evening, rich with mystery and powerful with love.

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Meditation: Standing Empowered with the Ancients

Keywords: Ancient Ones; Mystery; Grace; Counsels; Gifts; Alchemy; Weaving; Truths; Confluence

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