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The Lazaris Legacy Series: The Ultimate Relationship


The Lazaris Legacy Series: The Ultimate Relationship

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As you have felt the fear around creating an ultimate relationship, also feel the excitement … and then make a choice: Which of those two energies are you going to carry with you? ~ Lazaris

Very often the consensus holds it that an intimate or romantic relationship is the pinnacle of achievement in loving relationships. In this groundbreaking recording, Lazaris introduces four components of what an ultimate relationship actually is and how it goes beyond a relationship with another person, and also involves a loving relationship with yourself; your world; and your Higher Self and God/Goddess/All That Is.

In the process of creating loving relationships, we can encounter obstacles that hinder or impede us. One of the most common is that we can identify too strongly with the image of being a loser and think that we are “no good” at relationships, rather than understanding that we are functioning with faulty beliefs that shape the realities we create. With detail, love, and tenderness, Lazaris outlines how to deal with this and many other blockages that we can learn to be free from.

The included meditative journey can connect us to the lesser parts of ourselves that object to creating relationships. We can move beyond those limitations, and free of them, create an ally that can be our champion and help us create what we have so longed for.

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