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Making This Your Last Lifetime


Making This Your Last Lifetime

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The monumental decision to make this lifetime your last is a decision accompanied not only by paradoxes and dilemmas, but also by an unprecedented bounty of life-changing magic. Lazaris helps us explore our issues of deservability around this decision and our fears of the obligations and duties that we fear may result. He explores the paradoxes of genius and insanity, earning and receiving versus struggling and suffering. He illuminates karma as something that can never be “burned” but only released. Lazaris helps us release the past and handle our resistances so that we emerge capable of the decision (and willing to receive the bounty it generates). The result is that we arrive at a state of peace with our spiritual path. With a beautiful meditation, we engage High Magic whose only technique is choice. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Meditation for Making This Your Last Lifetime

Keywords: Deservability, Karma, Fear Choices, Growth Choices, Genius / Insanity, Struggle, Earning and Receiving, High Magic, Choice, Chauvinism

Price: $24.95

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