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Ending Shame, Part I (Infancy)


Ending Shame, Part I (Infancy)

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Shame is a problem common to everyone, and it comes in four waves. This recording deals with the first Wave of Shame, which comes in the pre-verbal period of infancy. Its causes are many — from abandonment and abuse to being wronged — and the trauma of it constructs a Dark Shield that stands between us and the pain — but that also stands between us and our Higher Self and God / Goddess / All That Is. Lazaris talks about the Shame of Being, the Shame of Doing, the Shame of Living, and the Shame of Succeeding that we will all encounter on our Journey of Awakening. He works with us to explore the complex emotionality of shame and offers techniques for healing the inner child and for reawakening the passion, perception, conception and imagination we have lost. With a life-renewing meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Pre-Verbal (Infancy) Shame Meditation

Keywords: Streaming; Download; Waves of Shame, Pre-Verbal Shame (Infancy), Abuse (Physical / Emotional / Mental), The Terrible Twos, Remorse, Subhuman Parents, Abandonment, Dark Shield, Conscience, Inner Child

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