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Ending Guilt


Ending Guilt

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Guilt is a completely artificial emotion that paralyzes us into a loss of active caring, that putrefies into resentment, that numbs us with self-pity, and that keeps us imprisoned in the past or in a present that doesn’t work. It may be sourced in a number of ways; from suppressed anger, expediency or manipulation, or by the denial of intimacy and caring. Lazaris gives a complete overview of this sometimes very difficult problem and charts our escape with a number of techniques and with the development of conscience, ideals, and compassion. Then he employs mirror and writing techniques to release them.A wonderful meditation and work with our Higher Self complete the liberation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Ending Guilt Meditation

Keywords: Guilt, Resentment, Anger, Control, Self-Punishment, Character, Conscience, Compassion, Mirror Technique for Guilt, Writing Technique for Guilt

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