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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Subconscious : Secrets to Changing Anything In Your Life – Instantly

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Secrets to Changing Anything In Your Life – Instantly


Secrets to Changing Anything In Your Life – Instantly

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We tend to approach change as if it were a fickle god or goddess from our folklore. We hope that it will smile upon us, somehow, being pleased or touched by our efforts, or moved by our sincerity. We even hope change will take pity on us and just happen (poof). In fact, change is something we receive and allow, not something we earn and do. It happens to anyone healed enough and willing enough to receive it. Its secrets: It is instantaneous, and it begins in the future. Changes in the past are really changes in future memory. It is magic, it is an art, and it is an energy you can engage. Lazaris uses techniques including a meditation to heal the inability to change, work with the Subconscious Mind and with the Room of Change, and Engaging Change itself to put us in a resonance where we can change anything at all — instantly. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours. This is the third recording in a trilogy with Creating a Brilliant Future and Winning: New Tools to Get What You Really Want.

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Meditation: Meditation to Heal Our Inability To Change

Keywords: Change, Evolution of the Species, Chaos, Freedom / Indeterminism, Healing, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Physics, Room of Change, Resonance, Memory

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