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Prosperity & Abundance in the 1990s


Prosperity & Abundance in the 1990s

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Prosperity and abundance evolved in the 1990s, and on this recording Lazaris works both with concepts and with a wealth of new tools and techniques to help us escape the consensus reality panic, and to create our reality on our own terms. Encouraging us first to forgive past failures and reconnect with what we know to be the illusory nature of reality, he helps us construct a Personal Abundance Symbol, gives us a Breathing Technique for drawing in the energy of abundance, and helps us chart the full length, width, and depth of prosperity on all levels — physical, emotional, mental, and etheric. With the Pool of Abundance Meditation, we work with the reflections of abundance in the Unconscious Mind to bring them powerfully into the physical reality.Blending with Lazaris included. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Pool of Abundance Meditation

Keywords: Personal Abundance Symbol, Breathing Technique for Prosperity, Pool of Abundance Technique, Forgiving Yourself, Prana, Forgiveness

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