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Power Manifest: A New Domain of Magic


Power Manifest: A New Domain of Magic

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In this year of creation/manifestation – or during any time when creativity is at hand – we seek something more; we seek new heights of magic and of success.From those new heights – a different level, a new dimension or octave of creation and manifestation – we look to find new meaning and new expressions of success, of course. Mostly we look to know love: to take that one hand that we know “belongs in ours.” During this amazing evening, Lazaris lays out the components necessary to create a new domain of magic in which we can pursue and find what we seek. From Unconscious Presence through the substance of the Presence of the Ancient Ones to the energy of our Personal Presence, we can create a new environment in which our power can be more than a desire, more than a potential. We can create a domain in which our power is manifest . . . evident, obvious, and profoundly present. Along the way, we can Make Love Safe and Make Power Safe. There is so much that can unfold in our new domain of magic and with the gift of the Ancients: Power Manifest. After exploring the components needed, Lazaris guides us on a powerful meditation to sit with the Ancients and to receive this gift as a seed planted deep within us. He concludes the evening by exploring specific techniques from working with this newly placed and newly received gift. Delightful meditation included.

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Meditation: Power Manifest Meditation

Keywords: Power, Manifest, Unconscious, Conscious, Unfamiliar Senses, Belief, Love, Imagination, Trust, Ancients, Ancient Ones, Domain

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