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New Maps to More Elegant Futures


New Maps to More Elegant Futures

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Elegant Futures: Some will manifest and some will not, but their resonances act like beacons of energy, radiating power. Our task is to create the avenue — the map — that leads to those beacons of energy. And on this recording Lazaris gives us a wealth of tools to create the map: The Circle of Focus Technique, Dialoguing with our Future Self, Looping Time, and the Hall of Futures Technique, the Prisms of the Future Technique, and the immensely powerful UnconsciousProgramming Technique. In addition, there are ways and meditations suggested for dealing with the limitations that prevent our creating a standing wave of these beacons of energy, and a meditation with the Faces of the Soul and Higher Self to clear the blockages and make the connection with these luminous futures. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Elegant Futures Meditation

Keywords: Unconscious Programming, Law of Least Effort, Law of Least Action, Power of Complexity, Prisms of the Future, Future Self, Looping Time, Hall of Futures

Price: $24.95

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