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Moving Beyond Guilt and Fear: New Entanglements with Old Names


Moving Beyond Guilt and Fear: New Entanglements with Old Names

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Just when we have grown so significantly that we are approaching whole new levels of spirituality, guilt and fear appear again. But it is often a mistake to believe they are the guilt and fear we once knew. Guilt functions as a substitute for character, integrity, dignity and conscience when we don’t have them — and it can also act as a strange kind of motivation. Fear is an automatic response of our humanness and can be generated out of genetic, social, and ego templates. And as resonance creates a purification of energy, guilt and fear arise in new ways. Lazaris talks about the phenomena of beauty, goodness and truth, of remorse and indebtedness, of dignity and tragedy. And he gives us beautiful techniques (Journeying through the Narrows and Creating Masks and Bundles of Fear) to help us transcend the limitations — and a powerful meditation to move beyond them. This recording includes other techniques, including the Prisms of the Future Technique, Unconscious Programming, and the Triangulation of Guilt and Fear. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Triangulation of Guilt and Fear Meditation

Keywords: The Narrows, Bundle Technique, Shadow Work, Prisms of the Future, Unconscious Programming, Liminal Stones, Future Self, Indebtedness, Dignity, Tragedy

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