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Illuminating and Brightening the Domain of Innovation


Illuminating and Brightening the Domain of Innovation

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To be an innovator, we need to create a Foundation of Creativity from which to leap with boldness and daring. We need to allow a resonance to emerge and lift from that foundation: We need a Domain of Innovation. We need our personal iconic symbols to define the boundaries and anchor our space. Those symbols and the resonance of the space hold our creative memes and our rules of order, behavior, and action. With a bit of magic, we can illuminate and brighten our domain of innovation.

Come. Experience a delightful working of magic as Lazaris guides us to our Foundation of Creativity. Then, step by step, we can work our magic to create a sacred space in which our domain can emerge: pursuing to seeking, experiencing and reaching, chasing and becoming, and playing. It’s a powerful evening that is itself a magical working. We can sit back, listen, and experience the wonder and allow the magic. The evening concludes with a mystical ritual: Through the Maze of Curiosity and Wonder.

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Meditation: Through the Maze of Curiosity and Wonder

Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Domain

Price: $24.95

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