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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Resonance : Awakening & Embracing the Majestic in You (Evening Only)

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Awakening & Embracing the Majestic in You (Evening Only)


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Awakening & Embracing the Majestic in You (Evening Only)

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Awakening and embracing majesty stands alone as yet another avenue that can motivate and sustain the power and magic of expansion. As well, when the majesty in you is awake and conscious, it can amplify the other avenues of choice when it comes to activating and utilizing your alliance with expansion. ~ Lazaris

During the evening of this incredible culminating weekend, Lazaris laid a foundation for awakening and then embracing our majesty. Majesty can inspire us to reach for the stars, to raise our voice in the calling of miracles; and to add exultation to loving joyously. Working with our majesty can be pivotal in the workings of our personal magic and in the workings of New Magic. As we awaken and embrace, we come to realize that majesty is the liberator; it can set you free. Often such awakening and embracing can be the missing ingredient or the unlocking key to your conscious and active participation in the Great Work. From this foundation, Lazaris explores the what, why, where, and when of the majestic: What is Majesty? Why do we resist it? Where can we find it? When can we awaken and embrace it? This powerful evening concludes with a meditation, not to give us our majesty — we already have it — but to plant the seeds of possibility and potential that can give birth to the opportunity. The seeds are planted. The rest of the weekend Lazaris worked with fulfilling the possibility and potential – with utilizing the amazing opportunity. However, the evening with its meditation is enough to remind us and guide us to this phenomenal awakening and embracing of the majestic in each of us.

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Keywords: Seeds of Majesty, possibility, potential

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