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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : The New Transformation: The Mystery of Spiraling Transcendence (Intensive Expanded Excerpts)

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The New Transformation: The Mystery of Spiraling Transcendence (Intensive Expanded Excerpts)


The New Transformation: The Mystery of Spiraling Transcendence (Intensive Expanded Excerpts)

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There is a light … sometimes clarifying, sometimes exposing … there is a light. Flourishing with the vision of spirit and the dream of soul, this flickering light spirals, lifting and leaping. There is a light, expanding, revealing. Celebrating, there is a light. In a delicate moment that could otherwise be lost, this is the light of transcendence … spiraling transcendence. ~Lazaris

Transcendent means that which lies beyond experience and knowledge. Transcendent forces, therefore, lie beyond experience and knowledge not just beyond our experience or our knowledge, beyond all experience and all knowledge. During this astounding intensive, with Lazaris at our side guiding and loving us, we found our personal gateway for transcendence: a clearing in a sacred wood, a Goddess Grove or Grotto, or some place in between. And we awakened our transcendent states: enjoying life or investing in the future, our rapport with wisdom and choice, or one of the other magical and mysterious states. We worked with the fires, the winds, the waters, and the earth of transcendence. We found illumination . .. not only the light, we found illumination. Reaching further, we listened to the many voices of illumination: clarity, exposure, brightening with vision of spirit, expansion, embellishing with dream/substance of soul, revealing and celebrating. We found something beyond; we found something more. We found an eighth step. There is the light of transcendence beyond celebration, and the circle becomes a spiral.

During three remarkable days we captured that light, harnessed and directed it, and then released it. Together we made magic; together we made love. And then we released that light, that magic, and that love into our world. There are not enough words to fully or adequately describe the magic and mystery of this intensive. We cannot fully comprehend what happened to those of us who participated with Lazaris. It was truly a transcendent moment in the living of our lives and in the working of our magic. This recording captures pieces of the wonder. Lazaris recorded a special meditation: Spiral of Transcendence, specifically for these excerpts. 5 hrs 50 minutes.

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Meditation: Spiral of Transcendence

Keywords: Transcendence, Goddess Grove, Love, releasing love into the world,

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