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Summoning The Unspoken Powers of Gratitude


Summoning The Unspoken Powers of Gratitude

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Gratitude begins with a feeling, lifts to an action, and builds to a powerful state of being. ~ Lazaris

And so began a stunning evening of insight and magic. Gratitude is an essential component in the alchemy of change in which we and our world are engaged. If humankind is to survive, and it will, gratitude is essential. During this evening, we, along with Lazaris, explore the role of gratitude in our lives, in the fast-changing world around us, and in the world becoming new.

The journey begins with an insightful review of the components of gratitude: thankfulness, joy, creativity, love, vulnerability, understanding, and surrender. But gratitude is so much more: a complex living matrix from which a resonance is not created but emerges, a complexity that can lift to new levels and dimensions, and a spontaneous celebration.

Gratitude is a transcendent force. It is mysterious, magical, and powerful. It can be miraculous. There are spoken and unspoken powers within and as a result of gratitude: generating energy, enhancing healing, health, and well-being, inspiring enthusiasm and the fascination of self and of life, anchoring and strengthening loving relationships, and awakening gracious giving, receiving, and gracious loving in our lives. … And there is more.

Knowing the powers are there is not enough. Lazaris lays out a map to call the spoken and unspoken of the power of gratitude. We can be the beneficiaries of those powers, and we can become the benefactors of gratitude in our world and for the world. With mastery and artistry, each of us can reach to become a Guardian and Keeper of Gratitude … a Champion of Gratitude for the world. This charming evening concludes with a beautiful meditation ritual, Summoning the Powers of Gratitude.

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Meditation: Summoning the Power of Gratitude

Keywords: Gratitude; Unspoken Powers; Powers; transcendent force; beneficiary of gratitude; benefactor of gratitude; Champion of Gratitude

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