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Setting a New World in Motion (Evening Only)


Setting a New World in Motion (Evening Only)

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Come with us into the unrealized of the ancient and the uncharted of the new. In the mix and mist, a new world is waiting, and a new you is eager to become and be. ~ Lazaris

And so began the evening portion of the Culminating Weekend of 2014, the Year of Gratitude. There are several levels of gratitude: for our intimates and people who have touched our lives, for things we’ve created, for gifts we have earned and for gifts we haven’t “earned” and don’t “deserve, ” and for the possibilities and opportunities embedded in the earned and unearned gifts.

During this evening, Lazaris revisits the components, none of which are gratitude but that in concert can create the symphony that is gratitude — gratitude that is rich with mystery and magic that reaches far beyond what we can imagine. Then Lazaris lays out a step-by-step map for creating the Symphony of Gratitude that begins with revisiting the components, unfolds with expanding our Measure of Gratitude and opening to the Powers and Wonders of Gratitude, and concludes with creating a Living Matrix of Gratitude.

Click here for a diagram of this matrix.

This Evening ends with a beautiful Meditation / Ritual: Igniting the Torch of Gratitude, and the Culminating Weekend is underway.

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Meditation: Igniting the Torch of Gratitude

Keywords: Gratitude, Measure of Gratitude, Symphony of Gratitude

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