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Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment


Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment

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Our challenge as masterful magicians and mapmakers is to discover and explore our rapport with enchantment and to develop and then mature our relationship with it. Our challenge is also to establish a solid Foundation of Enchantment and from that foundation to leap into chaos. We become quiet. We become still. And in the stillness we enter light chaos – we enter beautiful chaos. In the mystery and wonder of enchantment, within the beautiful chaos and elegant order, we stir the charms. The charms that touch our hearts and lift our souls sing to us. The Magic of Enchantment is underway.

Lazaris welcomes us to a working of magic by first exploring our challenge, reviewing the Foundation of Enchantment, and then delving into the wonder of the Treasures of Enchantment. There are obvious ones such as enriching our lives with mystery, imagination, wonder, hope, joy, and innocence. Enchantment is an elegant way to participate consciously in the evolution of our souls. It is also a powerful avenue for working Co-Creation Magic with the Ancients and with the Archetypes. Beyond the obvious, there are Lost Treasures such as: Dominion, Ecstasy, and the Wonder of Belonging. There is also the intriguing lost treasure of Daring. From this foundation, Lazaris gives us a step-by-step map in the form of a beautiful – yes, enchanting – ritual: The Rite of Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment. This working of magic concludes as Lazaris accompanies us upon this ritual. An amazing evening. Unforgettable.

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Meditation: The Rite of Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment

Keywords: Foundation of Enchantment, Enchantment, Treasures, Lost Treasures, Rite; Alchemy; Beautiful Chaos; Elegant Order

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