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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Mystery : Healing in the Memories (meditation/ritual) (video)

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Healing in the Memories (meditation/ritual) (video)


Healing in the Memories (meditation/ritual) (video)

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Gratitude is a powerful mistress. It makes the incredible credible and the unbelievable believable. Open your heart, lift your eyes, and welcome your world with gratitude, gratitude that is alive with spontaneous joy and passionate wonder. Awaken gratitude, and your life will never be the same. ~ Lazaris

Healing in the Memories is the first of two powerful healing meditations from Harnessing the Majesty and Grace of Gratitude, the first Lazaris Intensive of 2014. With the tools of your craft — cloak, sword, chalice, shield and staff — and in the presence of your soul, an exquisite journey begins. In a sacred place, together with another whom we dearly love and treasure, we conjure an enchanted moment, a defining moment, rich with memories, sublime memories of loving and of being loved. In the alchemy of gratitude, in the mist of its mystery, lifts a timeless moment for healing, and we emerge forever changed. Beautiful. Powerful. Stunning. Touching. [55 min]

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Meditation: Healing in the Memories

Keywords: Healing, gratitude, majesty

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