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Finding the Mattering in Your Life


Finding the Mattering in Your Life

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Mattering can be alive with mystery and vivid with magic. … Its mystery and magic can trigger something more, and something beyond, that can be transcendent. There is splendor in it. ~ Lazaris

Lazaris begins this exploration by pointing out why mattering matters: from feeding our soul to awakening our spirit to creating new “adult dreams, ” finding the mattering in our lives has immense value and power. Yet we resist. Beyond our resistance we can discover numerous avenues – avenues other than tragedy: exquisite moments and defining moments of love; engaging our minds (beyond our conscious brains); and seeking the light and beauty of our framework (memories, myths, dreams, and visions). We can stir the essence of mattering and capture that mattering in our lives: We can also consciously work with the fundamentals of mattering from humility to love and thinking/feeling; from possibility to courage and joy. Additionally, we can work with the seven notes and five tones of knowing. The evening concludes as Lazaris lays out a foundation of techniques and then guides us in a meditation. That meditation, Finding the Mattering, is included.

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Meditation: Finding the Mattering

Keywords: Mattering, Beauty, Splendor, Adult Dreams, Visions, Notes and Tones of Knowing

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