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Being an Inspiration: Lifting Success, Finding Triumph


Being an Inspiration: Lifting Success, Finding Triumph

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“One voice sounds, crisp and clear. Then another, clarifying and exposing, joins in as yet another, brightening . . . lifts. Then two, three, and several more, the many voices of light become one . . . one illuminant voice . . . one illuminating light. You breathe . . . first an inhale filling yourself with the breath of light . . . this breath of life. Then you exhale . . . giving light . . . giving life.” ~ Lazaris

What happens when we are inspired? Certainly the experience is unique for each of us. Yet Lazaris identifies some core issues . . . some root things that happen. Our vernacular may vary but the experiences are common to us all. Inspiration sparks the exceptional and the triumphant in each of us. We are reminded of a private personal greatness that could otherwise remain dormant; inspiration stirs mystery within us. It triggers both our love and our passion. And being inspired gives us pause to reassess our priorities and to jump-start our momentum. Inspiration can be a magic potent in the living and loving of life. During a delightful evening of magic, Lazaris helped us uncover the steps that we can take, one by one, to become an inspiration to ourselves and then to others. Working with the Tiers of Emotion, we don’t have to be afraid to be who we are in the moment. From that being we can open to the presence of our soul and spirit. In that presence we can receive the gifts of inspiration from the exceptional to the triumphant. With a magical touch our soul and spirit can imbue us with that touch of greatness and of mystery and that light of love and passion. These can restore our motivation and momentum.They can do this by giving us an Element . . . an Element of Inspiration. We can breathe it . . . first an inhale; then we can exhale. Even Lazaris’ description feels like a working of magic. This was one of those transcendent evenings: we cannot fully comprehend what happened, but we emerged different; we emerged changed. The evening concluded with a powerful meditation of becoming a Beacon of Light and a Beacon of Hope and then traveling to hot spots in the world to bring light and hope into the darkness. It is a powerful, poignant, touching, and magical experience. Recorded specifically for this recording, the meditation is included.

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Keywords: Becoming an Inspiration, Tiers of Emotion, motivation, momentum, triumph

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