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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Cosmic Memory : The Seven Rituals from the Bounty and Beauty of Bali (video)

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The Seven Rituals from the Bounty and Beauty of Bali (video)


The Seven Rituals from the Bounty and Beauty of Bali (video)

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Please note: The video of each ritual can take a few hours to download depending on your internet speed.

From The Bounty of Bali: Unlocking the Shimmering Threads of Remembering and The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry

In 2015, the Year of Remembering, Lazaris created seven rituals that were the backbone of the two Bali workshops focusing on Bounty and Beauty. The focus of these was Cosmic Memory, which is where all magic comes from and which also contains the memories that our Soul, Higher Self, God / Goddess / All That Is and the Universe have of us. By placing our treasured memories in Cosmic Memory, they can be infused with mystery and magic and can reveal hints and clues of the New Self we are becoming. These rituals are key not just to changing and growing but to changing in a metamorphic way — becoming new. Rituals are different from meditations. In rituals, there are precise steps to follow and they are alive with symbols and archetypal images that we don’t have to understand, only imagine with feeling. Each Ritual Lazaris presented has a particular emphasis, even though all of them are portals to Cosmic Memory.

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Meditation: Seven Ritual Meditations from Bali

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