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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Hope : The Potions of the Grandmothers (video)

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The Potions of the Grandmothers (video)


The Potions of the Grandmothers (video)

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Please note: The video of each ritual can take a few hours to download depending on your internet speed.

From The Bounty of Bali: Unlocking the Shimmering Threads of Remembering

We approach this incredible ritual focusing on very particular things: Our strengths and powers, things we desire in our lives, and things we are willing to give up. We meditatively place symbols of these particular things we have called to mind upon a sacred mound, and call the elements to work with us. In the powerful magic that we, with help, unleash, the Grandmothers come … Grandmothers of our tradition, our “tribe, ” ones who know and love us so well. These Crones of our Ancestry bring their alchemical magic with them, and with that enchanting and spellbinding magic they work, we enter Cosmic Memory, where we open to the memories the Universe (God / Goddess / All That Is, Our Higher Selves, Our Souls) has of us … what of our goodness, truth and beauty can we open to and experience? The words fall short as we allow ourselves to experience the grand and healing love of the Goddess … and as we allow ourselves to know that we are so completely loved and will never be alone again.

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Meditation: The Potions of the Grandmothers

Keywords: Bali, crone, Cosmic Memory, ancestry, healing, Goddess

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