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Emerging Magic: Chaos, Creativity, and Hope


Emerging Magic: Chaos, Creativity, and Hope

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These Reservoirs of Hope (tiers of emotion, engaging soul and spirit, expectation-anticipation, inspiration-intensity, and commitment) are profoundly present and powerfully active in the Domain of Chaos and in the Domain of Creativity. In your current world, one domain is overwhelmingly present and the other is at risk. ~ Lazaris

What is Dark Chaos? What is Light Chaos? Why does it frighten us? Lazaris explores these issues and then lays out a step-by-step map so that we can take Dominion over Chaos. We can enter the state of mind and state of being of chaos. We can “walk the streets” of chaos. In the darkness, we can come upon someone, a child, an old man or an old woman, a mother, a father, who is lost in the nightmare of chaos. Then the magic unfolds. Perhaps in a mind-link, with their permission, we can absorb their chaos adding it to our own. We can absorb their fear, their anxiety, and their dread. Resisting the temptation to recoil we can work a subtle magic. Emerging from the darkness, emerging from Chaos, we can find the Light of Creativity and the Light of Hope in the recesses of that chaos. We can return to that someone we found in the darkness, and we can reduce their chaos. We can mitigate chaos. We can direct it toward resolution.

The more you give of this light, the more you become the light. The more you give of yourself, the more you become yourself. ~ Lazaris

This magical evening concludes with an immensely powerful meditation, Taking Dominion over Chaos.

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Keywords: Chaos, Dominion, Creativity, Reservoirs of Hope, Hope

Price: $24.95

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