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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Hope : Awakening the Essences of Beauty and of Remembering (audio)

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Awakening the Essences of Beauty and of Remembering (audio)


Awakening the Essences of Beauty and of Remembering (audio)

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From: The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry

A single star in the sky captivates us with its beauty. We ask of it, “Teach me of beauty” and it catapults us into Cosmic Memory. Here, we stop and listen … listen to what the Universe (God / Goddess / All That Is, our Higher Selves, our Souls) remembers of us … the goodness, truth and beauty. We also encounter many memories of ours, ranging from tragic to beautiful. At times we are tempted to stop and linger over the memories but we continue to climb past these memories into the function of beauty: The joy and peace, the exhilaration and serenity, the majesty and awe or the inspiration and enchantment, feeling the eternity, immortality, and splendor. As we continue to journey, we are catapulted into the essence of beauty and the essence of remembering – into the unfathomable, into the unknown. Beauty magic is immensely healing, and here we can allow ourselves to let beauty heal us of all our pain, and what we perceive as the unforgivable in us. It is here that God / Goddess / All That Is resides, and here where we can let ourselves be nourished, be nurtured. We can allow Her to remember us anew and we can allow ourselves to be not only healed but deeply loved.

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Keywords: Bali, Beauty, Cosmic Memory

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