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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Hope : A Collection of Blendings from 2011 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Hope

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A Collection of Blendings from 2011 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Hope


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A Collection of Blendings from 2011 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Hope

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It begins with setting things, new things, in motion. Ours is to infuse that motion with the beauty and the magic of hope. Then we add a bit of ourselves, a bit of our love, a bit of our soul, with the mystery and the majesty of enchantment. Creation and innovation follow and become the fulcrum in the process of our continual growing and changing. The first four years of this decade have set the stage — our stage to lift our growing and changes to new, innovative levels and our stage for evolving human consciousness and evolving a new world.

Initiation, Hope, Enchantment, Innovation . . . with gratitude, we welcome the bounty of our magic and of our love. Here is a collection of Lazaris Blendings for the first four years of this “most exciting decade in the history of humankind on Earth.” Enjoy.

Rhythms and Patterns Blendings, 2011: The Year of Hope

Phase 1. Awakening Commitment and Concern
Focusing Desire

Amid the cascading waters your anxieties are released as you drink in the beauty and peace of enchantment. Brushed by a gentle breeze, you know you’ve been kissed, and you feel an excitement as your soul and spirit awaken.

Phase 2. Aligning Caring and Compassion
Fortifying Imagination

Returning to the mountain top(phase 1 blending), you enter a hidden cave behind the waterfall. Deep in the earth, you come to a bonfire, a fire of light and love. As you watch the dance of flames, three glowing embers, three gifts, roll toward you. Lazaris works a bit of magic for you in a 33-second technique. Touching.

Phase 3. Illuminating Dreams and Visions
Fostering Creativity

Returning to the cave, you sit in the soft, orange glow of the smoldering fire. You give Lazaris your imprisoning stubbornness and your constricting anxieties, resentments, angst, and sorrows. Free of these shackles and thorny entanglements, a weight lifts. A sweet breeze of hope fills the emptiness that remains. Fiery creativity stirs your love and your will, and in a quiet moment you are filled with compassion.

Phase 4. Initiating Inspiration and Hope
Fashioning Infusions of Love

In a quiet moment, you feel permission to be powerful and the will to set inspiration in motion. Standing tall, your spirit stirs and lifts – you are free, valuable, good and true. You are enough. You enter the light of a new day. Infused with love, you feel your power and you know you are the light of hope in a world becoming new.

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