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The Incredible Magic of Hope and Joy


The Incredible Magic of Hope and Joy

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Joy is an emotion rich with a swirl of thoughts and feelings. Hope is a state of mind alive with mystery and mysticism. Together, hope and joy generate a chain reaction alchemy that can lift our magic and lift our lives to new heights of wonder and success. During this magical evening tape, Lazaris explores the value of this special magic of hope and joy, and he explains what has happened to each in our current world – within our consensus reality. Then he offers a powerful view of how the alchemy of renewed hope and joy can truly change our life. Lazaris talks of the evening as a defining moment in the development and maturing of our magic and in the unfolding of dominion in our lives and in our world. Midway through the discussion, it becomes excitingly clear: Hope and joy hold an incredible magic. Lazaris then offers us an array of techniques to bring hope and joy and its magic into our lives. Such techniques include: Dreaming Hope and Joy, Crystal and Talisman Technique, and Conscious-Unconscious Link. The meditation, called The House of Hope and Joy, is stunning.

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Meditation: The House of Hope and Joy

Keywords: Hope, Joy, talisman, unconscious

Price: $24.95

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