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Sustaining and Expanding Success


Sustaining and Expanding Success

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A watershed workshop that holds gifts and treasures that we can discover for years to come. Everyone wants success; not everyone knows how to create it and even fewer know how to sustain and maintain it. As metaphysicians and magicians, we know how to create success; Lazaris answers the next question: “How do we keep the success; how do we create more?” It is not a frivolous nor a selfish question.

Lazaris begins by explaining why sustaining and expanding success is vital: Beyond the obvious, in the current exponential “revolutions” in reality, if we do not know how to sustain and expand the success we know, we are at risk of losing the success.

Lazaris teaches us how to build an environment that is conducive to sustaining, maintaining, and expanding our success. This same environment can be as a “hothouse” for creating success and it can be an “attractor” to drawing that success as if “out of the blue.” Once we set the stage, we then can initiate the sustenance and expansion; we can set it in motion. After an incredible meditation, Lazaris details seven techniques: Gathering the Team; Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, The Oneness of Success, Elixir of Sustained & Expanded Success, Fear Bundling, and Commerce of Magic. A magical meditation is included.

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Meditation: Sustenance

Keywords: sustaining, expanding, essences, resonance, dispelling, myth, maturity, realness, responsibility, wisdom, Candle Magic, Fear Bundles, elixir, Essence of Success

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