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Millennium Celebration with Lazaris


Millennium Celebration with Lazaris

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1500 magicians gathered to welcome the new millennium with Lazaris; 1500 magicians gathered to celebrate love, to celebrate the magicians that they are, and to celebrate the magicians they are becoming. Lazaris worked with each of those magicians to help them find their magician’s voice; with his love and with his magic, he guided us to discover our new voice. The evening began as Lazaris quickly set aside the concern of whether or not this was actually the beginning of the new millennium. He spoke of the confluence of energies and forces that has never been or will again, of a complexity like no other, of the unique mystery of choice currently present, and of the world’s celebration. Confluence, Complexity, Choice, and Celebration . . . Lazaris wove a tapestry of magic that is truly extraordinary. From this tapestry, he explored the value of finding our voice and finding our new voice as magicians. This stirring discussion unfolded in to the specific steps that can lead us – guide us to finding that voice. This elegant discussion leads to specific techniques(Wall of Truth in Temple of Soul, Pinnacle of Freedom, Crystal Alliances, Gateways of New Magic, and Cascading Steps of Voice) and concludes with a touching and wonderful meditation. Exceptional evening. Wonderful evening meditation.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Gateways of New Magic

Keywords: Confluence, complexity, choice, celebration, Wall of Truth, Pinnacle of Freedom, Gateways of New Magic, Commitment, Covenant, Voice

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