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Investing in the Future: Joy of Living Life


Investing in the Future: Joy of Living Life

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We know joy. And investing in our future with the joy of living life offers powerful magic for living our lives with greater success and happiness. It is also the seventh step in our pursuit of dominion. Lazaris begins this powerful discussion with a brief review of what joy is and when it occurs. He then explores what usually happens when we encounter the opportunity of joy and more joy in our lives. Even when we know how to embrace and manifest it in our lives, we often don’t have a way of holding that joy for future use – as an investment in the future. Opportunity denied, missed, ignored, or opportunity that lacks a way of holding it can diminish or evaporate. We lose the opportunity and the joy seems lost. Lazaris explains that once we create a viable receptacle to receive the bursting energies and forces of joy, we can open the way to grasp the “joy among joys, ” the joy of living life.

There can be many specific expressions of joy in our lives and then there can be a grand, sweeping sense and experience: The joy of being alive; the joy of living life. This enlightening discussion continues as we explore the value of this “joy among joys, ” and it unfolds as we learn how to create and develop that magical receptacle of joy. Lazaris offers several practical techniques to make this mysterious investment in our personal and global futures. These techniques include Laying the Foundation; Crystal Grid of Joy, Deepening Rapport with Future Self, Investment Strategy for the Future, and Seeding the Future. Another beautiful Lazaris Meditation is included.

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Meditation: Investing in the Future

Keywords: Joy; Future; Passion; Destiny; Valued Self; Grace of the Ancients; Love; Miraculous

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