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Generating Abundance as Never Before


Generating Abundance as Never Before

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There was a time when we did not know abundance, because we did not know our desires and dreams. There was a time when we lacked the willingness and did not choose abundance. But those times are not now. It is not for lack of willingness or the lack of choice that abundance still eludes us. Lazaris begins with the basics that so many others who speak of abundance ignore. He builds a solid foundation upon which he unfolds the resolutions and the knowings necessary to construct our personal Abundance Machine. The discussion is light, fast, and delightfully informative. Once we can build our Abundance Machine, we need to find the key – the missing key. With that key – an ignition key – we can turn on our Abundance Machine, and it can start churning out abundance – physical, emotional, mental, and esoteric abundance – as never before. Perhaps we have lost our personal key to abundance in our old patterns or in the unexplored regions of our nemesis. It could be that our missing key is in the grief that will not end or in the malady that will not mend. In a powerful meditation, we can find our key. We can turn on our Abundance Machine. Lazaris concludes the evening discussion with an array of techniques that can ground our success and our abundance more profoundly. He includes techniques that involve crystal work, placing abundance in our Unconscious Mind, developing rapport with abundance, and several others. Elegant meditation included.

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Meditation: The Three-Tiered Pools: Love, Freedom, Abundance

Keywords: Abundance, Abundance Machine, Resolutions, Knowings, "Missing Key," Crystal, Success, Success Cube, Three-Tiered Pool

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