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Deeper Magic: Greater Rapport with Your Future Self


Deeper Magic: Greater Rapport with Your Future Self

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Your Future Self, eager to know you more, is bountiful in its embrace. ~ Lazaris

Even when we have a living relationship with our most positive Future Self, there is so much more magic available to us when we expand our rapport. Active or reactive, we all have a relationship with our future selves just as we all have a relationship with the future. First Lazaris explains why it is vital that we deepen our magic and that we develop a more healthy, active relationship with our future selves. His suggestions are compelling. In the discussion of this magical pursuit, Lazaris explores why we resist our future selves and he explains the power – the immense power – of the future. Then he talks of the favorable environment to attract our future selves to our reality. After a review of the technique for Blossoming our Future Self, Lazaris offers a 7-step process for developing and deepening greater rapport with our future self. Additional techniques include Dialogs with Future Self, Magical Workings with Future Self, Awakening Future Self Now, and Crystal Work with Future Self.

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Meditation: Rapport with Future Self

Keywords: Future Self, Resistance to Future, Power of the Future, Blossoming of Future Self, Future Self Dialogues, Crystal Work

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