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Crystals: Tools to Co-Creation


Crystals: Tools to Co-Creation

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Crystals are at the dew line of consciousness within the Mineral Kingdom just as we, the mapmakers, are at the dew line of consciousness within the Human Kingdom. There is a kinship between the consciousness of crystals and us. Lazaris explores the wonder of crystals as allies … allies to co-creating a positive future and to creating the New World. But crystals can be profoundly powerful companions in creating so much of what we desire and need now… now, before that future and that New World. Against the backdrop of the Great Awakening, Lazaris explores the esoteric properties of crystals that allow them to be focal points and allies of co-creation and suggests that crystals can be gateways to the Mystical Other and all that that can mean.Then Lazaris talks so lovingly of the differences between clear, rose, smoky, citrine, and amethyst quartz. And he talks of the mystery of elestials. AsLazaris explores the functions, he talks of generators, magician’s wands and healers’ tools, and tabular crystals. He touches on clusters and spheres and briefly talks of “crystal healing” crystals. And he talks of the ancient ones: Grandmother, Grandfather, and Modulator crystals. With this foundation laid, Lazaris then suggests some innovative and powerful ways to work in alliance with our crystals. He speaks of traditional ways of working and then speaks of grids and matrices and template work. It was an exciting evening and is a powerful tape. With a meditation to welcome new crystals to our keeping and to our guardianship is included.

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