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The Unseen Friends


The Unseen Friends

Product #414


This is Lazaris’ classic recording for meeting and beginning a relationship with many different Unseen Friends: our male and female counselors, our child and adolescent, our Higher Self, our Animus and Anima, and specialist counselors who can help us with very specific areas and tasks. Part of the beauty of this release is the incredible overview Lazaris gives of paradigms of dominion and domination, and the impact our Unseen Friends can have in helping us create elegant realities that bring us the World of Dominion. He also discusses the gifts the Unseen Friends bring to our experience, including the transcending love of the Old Man and the Old Woman who help us shift reality levels — and the gifts of energy and creativity brought by the Animus and the Anima. A magnificent discussion and meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: The Unseen Friends Meditation

Keywords: Male Counselor, Female Counselor, Child, Adolescent, The Old Man, The Old Woman, Higher Self, Animus, Anima, Dominion, Specialist, Safe Place

Price: $24.95

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