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Receiving the Magic and Bounty of Our Future Self


Receiving the Magic and Bounty of Our Future Self

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The “good news and bad news” about our Future Selves is that our Future Self is more-real than our current actual Self. Most within the consensus reality hold their Future Selves as fantasy; even we too often hold our Future Selves as “concepts.” We don’t allow our Future Selves to be living, breathing, and vital. Lazaris explores why and suggests how our lives can change when we allow our most positive Future Self to come alive. As the evening unfolds, Lazaris talks of the seven hurdles that we need to overcome and then step beyond. Even when we have overcome them, we still need to step beyond them. When we do, we create a lyrical ritual that can lead us to the magic and the bounty of our Future Self. The elegance of this evening is stunning. Lazaris explores many new techniques: Blossoming Our Future Self creates the foundation of our work. Additional techniques: Overcoming Hurdles, Future Self Crystal Work, Rapport with Future Self, Co-Creation with Future Self.

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Meditation: Blossoming Our Future Self

Keywords: Future Self, Crystal Work, Hurdles

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