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Pools of Imagination (The Meditation) audio


Pools of Imagination (The Meditation) audio

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By increasingly popular demand. So many people have requested this meditation that we are creating a special release for downloading and streaming. This particular recording comes from the intensive, The Artistry of Allowing and the Majesty of Receiving: Living an Enchanted Life. Lazaris guided this incredible meditation at that seminar and again during the culmination workshop of 2010: The Year of Initiation (The Art and Artistry of Being Visionaries for a World Becoming New). One of the underlying crises in our current world is the collapse of imagination. This meditation is a powerful and loving response to that crisis. It is beautiful. It is richly loving. It is profound. Let yourself receive.

A Lazaris Special Release Audio or Video Approximately 1 hour

Music used in this release:

Journey, by Dietrich von Oppelns, Lemuria 2 [CD]
Remember the Love, by Dietrich von Oppelns, Music for Lazaris #3 [CD]
Lucid Living 8, provided by Leza Danly

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Keywords: Imagination, Pools of Imagination, Emotions, Intensity of Emotion, Vision

Price: $14.95

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