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Engaging the Mysterious Magic of Claiming and Demanding


Engaging the Mysterious Magic of Claiming and Demanding

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In many ways, all magic is mysterious. Lazaris outlines how Claiming/Demanding Magic is uniquely so. We cannot just mouth the words; we need to learn the skill of claiming, and we need to develop the art of demanding. This magic is a “self-secret, ” revealing itself to those who can see with other than their eyes. Lazaris explores the Paradox of Right Action, for it is here that the power of this mysterious magic lies. Within this paradox we confront the negative ego seductions of entitlement, vindication, and greed as we encounter the positive Self’s opportunities of empowerment, righting of wrongs, and altruism.

Beyond traversing this maze, Lazaris guides us to the various components that provide the foundation for claiming/demanding that can be truly magical and profoundly powerful in our workings of magic. This discussion includes the step-by-step explanation of the Ritual: Skill of Claiming and of the Ritual: Art of Demanding. Following an intriguing meditation, Lazaris concludes this workshop with specific techniques to ground and apply this mysterious magic so that we can make it a part of our magic.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Through the Maze of Claiming/Demanding

Keywords: Claiming, Demanding, self-secret, paradox of right action, greed, entitlement, vindication, empowerment

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