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The Magic of Divine Union


The Magic of Divine Union

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Divine Love . . . “the love that loves for no reason at all . . . the love you can do nothing to gain and can do nothing to lose.” To help us gain a sense of this august and rare love, Lazaris begins with a touching exploration of the progression of love, from the reasons why we love beyond memory and beyond imagination to where the why of love becomes the what of love. To move beyond sensing to experiencing this love, Lazaris explores what he calls the players . . . the aspects of ourselves that are integral to reaching Divine Love: Objector/Protector; Shadow (Dark & Light); Passion Stealer; and Personal Nemesis. As well, we need the help of our Ego-I, our Lesser/More, and from our more realized Self-I. During a mystical meditation, the players gather and each one gives us a gift or a treasure essential for our success. In the magic of that moment, we can be lifted into a mystical union and then it can happen: We can be gifted with Divine Union. The oneness with God, the oneness with Goddess, and the oneness with All That Is . . . wrapped in the miraculous; we can be filled with a oneness with love . . . the oneness of Divine Love. It was truly a touching and magical evening overflowing with love. The resonance as well as the discussion and meditation were captured on recording.

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Meditation: Divine Union

Keywords: Divine Union, passion stealer, objector protector, nemesis, shadow, oneness

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Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.