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Rising to the New Dawn: Forging Courage, Perseverance and Conviction (Evening Only)


Rising to the New Dawn: Forging Courage, Perseverance and Conviction (Evening Only)

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Forging Courage, Perseverance, and Conviction: It is time to hone and sharpen our skills, to lift our mastery to exquisite levels, and to be artisans of magic. It is time to find our voice and to lift that voice, heroic, lyrical, and celestial, to be heard in our world. As magicians, this truly is the dawning of our day. And it takes courage; it takes perseverance. It takes conviction. Though we already have each of these, to more fully respond to our calling, we need more than an increase in each. We need to rediscover a lost art: We need to become the magical smithies of the lost art of forging . . . carefully shaping and reshaping, carefully forming and reforming our courage, perseverance, and conviction. As we learn the alchemical magic of forging these components essential, crucial, and integral to charting our future, we can use our magical forge to change so many things about us and about our world. During this discussion Lazaris defines courage, perseverance, and conviction. Then he outlines why each can be so important: core of commitment; core of transformation leading to transcendence; essential to maturity, integral to lifting our voices, key to becoming a beacon of light and hope, and key to relinquishing the numbing blinding blanket of mediocrity. The foundation laid, Lazaris creates a wonderful journey to create our magical forge, to activate the forge and then to step into the forge. Step by step, we can forge courage, perseverance, and conviction in our selves and gradually there can be a greater presence of courage, perseverance, and conviction in our world. This enchanting evening concludes with an exciting and uplifting meditation.

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Meditation: Finding the Key to Courage, Perseverance, and Conviction

Keywords: courage, perseverance, conviction, forge, light, hope, alchemy, transformation, transcendence

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