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On Releasing Guilt + On Receiving Love


On Releasing Guilt + On Receiving Love

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On Releasing Guilt: Guilt is an artificial emotion — an emotion as synthetic as polyester or junk food. And because it isn’t real, it has no positive aspect. Essentially, it is anger that is suppressed because we feel we have no right to feel it, yet it degenerates into an attempt to punish ourselves or others — or into an attempt at self-control which would be better handled by natural conscience. If it is present, it crosses every barrier and contaminates every aspect of life. Lazaris uses a seven-step process for understanding guilt that unfolds into a meditation to release it.

On Receiving Love: Of all the voices competing for attention in our heads, the one that wants the love is often the one least heard. Our entanglements with the obligation, guilt, and strings so often attached to the love we’ve known block our way, as does a sense of undeservability around both love and receiving. Blockages and payoffs themselves often rob us of the love we want. Lazaris deals with all these issues in an ambiance that always supports our deserving love, and gives us techniques, a seven-step process, and a shimmering meditation to help us receive love.

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Meditation: Meditation for Releasing Guilt / Meditation for Receiving Love

Keywords: Guilt, Love, Synthetic Emotions, Converting Guilt to Anger. Conscience, Image, Obligation, Push-Pull around Success, Ego, Responsibility, Deservability, Image

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