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Shop : Love, Intimacy and Relationships : Love : New Beginnings, New Directions, New Futures: The Magic of Initiation

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New Beginnings, New Directions, New Futures: The Magic of Initiation


New Beginnings, New Directions, New Futures: The Magic of Initiation

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Initiation can be sparked by ending constricting and limiting relationships, works, and successes, and by ending the lesser of desires, dreams, and hopes. Initiation can make room for the expansive and uplifting in our lives and in our world. It can expose and reveal the greater of power and strength, of devotion and loyalty, and of commitment. Initiation can reveal the grander of love and healing. As initiation tests your mettle, you can separate from the ordinary and engage and embrace the extraordinary – the extraordinary of you and the extraordinary of a world becoming new.

After a brief introduction, Lazaris explores our resistance to the beauty and wonder of initiation – of our willingness to set things in motion and to cause them to be. He continues with an insightful exploration of the positive modulators that can create a powerful resonance in which to engage and embrace the mystery of initiation and its magic. This evening continues as Lazaris offers specific techniques that can open us to the Magic of Initiation: Healing Resistance with the Mystery Box; Embellishing Resonance with the Mystery Box; Bundling Resistance; and Bundling Modulators. We can also work with Crystal Grids or Talisman Grids as we mature our relationship and begin creating an alliance with the mystery and magic of initiation. As well as being masterful magicians, we can become Initiators. A loving and revealing meditation included.

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Meditation: Sparking the Magic of Initiation: Becoming an Initiator

Keywords: Initiation; Positive Modulators; Resistance

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Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.